Karmasoft gives you two visual options for e-commerce integration. You can:

1. Embed the entire store page on your studio website, or

2. Place a Buy Now button next to individual products, linking directly to the checkout page for easy payment.

Embed the entire store page: *Sign out of your admin account before you begin.

From your schedule page, click the store tab:

Notice your URL:

After the word "store", add:


Your new URL looks like this:

2. Buy Now Buttons: *Sign back into your admin account. You have to be logged in as admin. to access this option.

From the dashboard, click [Assets] and [Products].

From the product screen, click on the product you'd like to sell online. *Note: make sure the sell online box is checked on this product. If it's not, check it now. Then click save, and re-open your product screen.

Highlight and copy your shopping cart URL.

Paste the shopping cart URL within an HTML link, looks like this:

<a href="YOUR SHOPPING CART URL">Buy Now</a>

Copy and paste that entire link within your website content management system.

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