Question: I booked a student into a workshop from the front desk, but when I open the workshop in the Class Listing panel they're not showing up. What do I do?

Answer: Go to [Settings] ---> [Workshop Listing] and select your workshop. Notice if the <Partial Booking> box is checked or unchecked. 

If the box is selected, then you'll need to complete one extra step: book a student into the specific class or package associated with this workshop. The reason is, by selecting this box you're allowing students to buy a class or package without buying the entire workshop. Therefore, when someone buys this product you have to specify which part they're booking.

How to manually book a student into a specific class: 

After the student has paid, open your online schedule. Next to the selected class or workshop, click <Book>

Search for the student in the Online Booking pop-up window. Then click <Book>

When you open that class on the Class Listing panel, you'll see that student in the Booked tab. Open that tab and click <+to class>

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