Karmasoft is now integrated with your Mailchimp email marketing lists.

That means you can automatically add students to different mailing lists based on their purchase. Watch the video

Mailing lists are tools to create email marketing campaigns designed for a targeted group. For example, automate a one-email-per-day campaign for students on your intro special; a reminder campaign for expiring packages; or send special promotions to membership customers. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works: When a new student is added to Karmasoft, or a student buys a package, you can choose to automatically add them to targeted lists.

Here's what it looks like: From your dashboard, click [Settings] ---> [Studio Settings]. Then click on the [Marketing] tab. The window now shows your mailing lists, member count, and last sync date. Click "Retrieve from Mailchimp" to update and sync your list.

Each list corresponds to a list you've created in your email marketing provider. See image below.

How to link a product with a list: From the dashboard, click [Assets] ---> [Products]. Then click on a product to enter the Edit product screen. There is now a drop-down called Mailing Lists, where you can select the list. Then, anytime someone purchases this product they will be automatically added to that list, and start the email workflow cycle that you set through your email marketing provider.

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