Setup and run payroll reports: a full view of Karmasoft's payroll feature

Set Rates by Class Listing:

From the dashboard, go to [Settings] ---> [Class Listings]. Click on an individual class to see its details.

Payment Options: Choose the method for paying your instructors, either per class, per student, or combined.

Min. Student #: Choose a minimum number of students in the class for the pay per student to take effect.

Bonus: Choose a bonus amount if applicable.

Payment Cap: Choose a total cap for the class, regardless of the number of students. Not including bonus amount.

Rate Factor: Choose a rate to pay an instructor above or below the base rate per class. This is for classes with special rates, like workshops or series.

Set Rates by Staff Member:

From the dashboard, go to [Staff], then click on an individual staff member to see their details. Set the rate per class and/or per student.

Run Payroll Reports:

From the dashboard, click [Activities & Reports] ---> [Payroll]. Select the branch and date range. Organize your payroll reports by Branch, Date, Instructor, Category, or Maximum Classes. Click on an individual teacher to see their class-by-class breakdown. Once you've selected your report focus, click [Calculate] to run your report.

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