You've worked hard to build your online presence. You have a great website. You're blogging and posting and tweeting. But classes are still half full, and students seem to come and go too often.

So, now what?

How do you earn the attention and loyalty of your students, without struggling around the clock?

Karmasoft's inbound marketing workflows take that extra step to transform your visitors (people who stumble upon your website) into leads (people who are interested in your studio) into returning clients (people who are delighted by your classes and bring all their friends!), automatically.


  • Attract potential customers with valuable web content, strong SEO, good reviews from your students.


  • Place a Call-To-Action on every page of content. A CTA is an action step the visitor can take to stay engaged with your studio. For example, a "read more" or "sign up" button, or a free offer download. Tip: free videos make great CTAs!
  • Make it EASY for visitors to sign-up online: Link your member sign up URL prominently on your website. How?
  • Click on the Sign Up Link. On the upper right hand.
  • Your member sign-up URL is your standard karmasoft URL plus: /member  [Example:]
  • Simply copy the browser's URL and paste it onto your website. It works great as a widget, so viewers can see it on any page.
  • Click HERE for a tutorial in creating a sign-up button or link.

Now, every time a visitor signs up, Karmasoft will add them to your marketing lists as a new lead.


Next, email your leads with products and offers that bring them to your studio and engage their interest. Run analysis reports weekly to reach out to your leads consistently.

  • Navigate to the [Activities & Reports] menu. Select the [Analysis] tab.
  • Select the [Leads] tab.
  • Select your date range.
  • Click <Email List>. Create your email body and subject, or let us help you with customizable templates. 

In your email, make sure to include:

  • At least one Call-To-Action
  • An invitation to visit your studio
  • Need help writing a great email? Click HERE to download customizable email templates.
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