When getting started with Karmasoft, create at least one Group before moving on to Product Categories.

With Groups, you can link classes or workshops to specific products. Assigning groups is completely optional, but you need to enter at least one to assign to classes (For example, a group called Yoga Classes). 

Groups can be useful for creating restricted class cards or workshops.

For example:
You may create an Early Morning and a Prime Time group. You can now create a 10 Class card for use only in the Early Morning group, a 10 class card for use only in the Prime Time group, or a 10 class card for use in any group.

This feature is also useful for students who attend regular classes and are also enrolled in ongoing workshops, like teacher training. This way you can keep track of attendance and payment for each segment separately. 

Creating a group:

From [Settings] ->[Groups] Menu. Click the <+ New> Button.

Enter the name of the new group and Click <Save>. A good first Group is "CLASSES"

Some useful ideas for Groups:
If you plan to offer both Yoga and Pilates and wanted to charge and track different packages for each. You can create a 10 Class Card just for yoga and a 10 Class Card just for pilates. In this case, create two groups one titled Yoga and the other titled Pilates.

HOWEVER: If you wanted just one 10 Class Card that students can use for both yoga and Pilates you would only need one group.

A quick video on working with groups:

See Products for more detail on associating Groups to Products and/or Class(es)

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