How to edit or add new staff members, use permissions, and understand the 2-tab Staff Details screen. 

Add and Edit Staff:

Click [Staff] from the navigation bar, and select an individual staff member to open the Staff Details screen. 


To add a new staff member, click <+New>, and add information in the given fields. If the staff member is an instructor, click the Instructor box. Choose their level of permission (read below). Click <Save> and Karmasoft will email the new staff member instructions to create their own login. 


The individual Staff Details screen has two tabs [Information] and [History]. *Note: to see both tabs, add a staff member in the search field. Otherwise only the Information tab will be shown.

The information tab is where you enter basic employee information such as name, address, phone, email, etc. The History tab shows a breakdown of class statistics for that staff member.

a. Check the Instructor box on the right-hand side to add your entry to the list of teachers for the Class Sign-In panel.

b. Click <Public Profile> to add and edit your entry's instructor bio, visible from your online schedule.

Set Permissions:

Karmasoft allows you to add multiple instructors and staff members with restricted levels of access. These levels are called Permissions.

b. Permissions: this designation determines what the user has access to. Listed here from least access to most access.

  • Director - This user has access to everything.
  • Manager - This user has access to everything except editing Studio Settings and Branch Settings.
  • Assistant - In addition to Front Desk access, this user can create products, issue gift cards, edit student plans, and view sales reports. This user cannot create groups, change the studio logo, or edit Studio Settings.
  • Front Desk - This setting is designed for teachers and front desk staff. This user can sign in classes, make sales, edit student info, edit gift cards, view pending auto pay, view student plans/history, and view daily statistics report. This user cannot manually change a tab amount, view most reports, or edit student plans.

3. Footer Bar:

New: Create a new staff record.
Email: Email the active staff member
Reset Password: Send the active Staff and email to reset their password.
Resend Invite:  If you see this button it means the staff member has not yet created an account. Click to resent the invite to create an account, then click <Save>.
Karmasoft will send your new staff member an email prompting them to set up their password/username for login.

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