Understanding the product detail screen:

The product screen is where you create or edit any item you want to sell. There are three types of products: memberships (i.e. 10 Class Card), purchase items (i.e. yoga clothing), and general items (i.e. towel rental). Products will be tracked for sales and student reports.

Type: Select the product type. A product type determines the behavior of the item when sold.

Type: Session Card

A session card is a membership, class card, series or workshop.

Active Groups: *optional. Choose a group for this session card.

Unlimited: Check this box if the product is an unlimited package, i.e. 1-month unlimited classes.

Expiration Duration: Choose a number.

Expiration Period: Choose days, months, weeks or years for the Expiration Duration to represent.

Auto Pay: Check this box for this session card to be included in Auto pay options.

Number of Lessons: Number of classes included in this session card. Not applicable for unlimited sessions.

Fixed Expiration Date: *optional. Determine a fixed expiration for this session regardless of purchase date.

Type: Purchase Item

*Optional. Enter this information to keep track of this item in Inventory.


Gift Certificate: Check this box if your item is a Gift Certificate/card. More on creating/selling gift cards

These text fields apply to all product types:

Image: An image of the item. An image can be added after clicking save. To add an image, re-open the product and click on the image box to upload.

Name: The name of the item. This name will get displayed in the online store (if the 'Sell online' box is checked). Also, this will define the product's name to be displayed on your instant sales panel.

Description: A description of the product.

Product Category: Product categories help you to organize product sales in a segment for focus reporting.

Purchase Price: Your cost of purchase from your vendor. Applicable for Purchase Items.

Selling Price: The retail price for this product. Applicable for Session Cards and Purchase Items.

Max Discount allowed: The max $ amount (or your local currency) you will allow the product to get discounted.

Taxable: Check this box to automatically add sales tax to the selling price. You can specify sales tax amount in the Branch Settings.

Sell Online: Check this box to include this product in your online store.

Concealed: Check this box to conceal this product from your online store. This means that only students with the product link can purchase this product online.

First Use Product: Check this box this make the product available exclusively to First Timer students.

Mailing List: Karmasoft will subscribe a student to this list when they purchase.
Email Template: Karmasoft will automatically send this email when they purchase.
Shopping Cart URL: This is a public URL linked to the product.

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