The customer starts by selecting the gift card in their online store portal.

Note there are two gift cards presented in the tutorial video, one is a pre-selected amount and the other is a zero dollar amount. The zero dollar amount gift card allows the customer to fill in the desired dollar amount. (Learn how to create gift card products here).

After the gift card is selected, the customer will select the checkout button.

This brings them to the checkout screen, prompting the customer to fill out their credit card information and the recipient and/or dollar amount of their gift card. The customer can also select an email recipient to send the gift card by email.

When the information is complete, the customer will click the process payment button.

Once the gift card is processed, Karmasoft will send the following emails:

  1. Email receipt to the customer who purchased the gift card.

2. Gift Card email to the recipient of the gift card, containing a gift card image, number and dollar value.

3. Purchase confirmation email notification to the yoga studio owner/manager.

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