Edit recurring information about your classes, such as day and title:

1. From your dashboard, click [Settings] in the top right corner.

2. Click [Class Listing] from the drop-down menu. All of your classes will appear in a list format.

To change a class from open to closed, click the toggle button ON/OFF beside the class text field. When the button shows OFF, the class will no longer appear on your online schedule.

3. To edit a class, click the class or the circled arrow beside the text field. A pop-up screen will isolate the class info and allow you to make changes.

You can now add start and end dates for class listings: Set a customized time frame for your classes so they can appear and disappear from your schedule automatically.

Note: You can include HTML code in your class description.

To make one-time changes to a class, like substituting a teacher or canceling one class. See [Schedule] for more options to customize your online calendar. 

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