Creating Gift Cards:

Click on [Assets] from the top menu bar, then [Products] from the drop-down menu.

Click <Add New> on the lower left.

To create a new gift card, start by selecting the product type General:

Fill in your gift card information.

Note: If you want to create a gift certificate with an open dollar amount, meaning the customer can choose the dollar amount when they purchase, then leave the <retail price> field at $0.00.

Check the <Gift certificate> box under the General Product Settings headline.

Click <Save>.

Selling Gift Cards at your studio:

From the Instant Sales panel, type the name of the gift card you are selling into the <Add Product> field.

Hit the enter key on your keyboard to select the gift card.

The gift card window will appear, prompting a gift card number and dollar amount. Note: if you selected a gift card with a set dollar amount, that value will appear automatically in the correct field.

If you use pre-printed gift cards at your studio, use your barcode scanner to scan the item and populate the field. If not, then create a gift card ID number and enter it in the field.

Click <Confirm> and your gift card will appear in your instant sales screen, ready to be sold like any other product - using cash, credit, check or tab.

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