How to redeem a gift card that has already been created and sold (learn how to create and sell gift cards here):

From the dashboard, enter the student redeeming the gift certificate into class using the Class Sign In panel.

In the Instant Sales panel, select the product that the student chooses to buy with their gift card.

For payment method at the bottom of the Instant Sales Panel, select <Other> and then <Gift Card>.

The Pay With Gift Card window opens. Manually enter or scan the gift card number (the student should present this), then click <Process Payment>.

Another Option: You may also add the gift card value to a students tab.

In the Instant Sales Panel, click the top Tab button next to the students highlighted name.

In the pop-up window, add the amount to tab and select Gift Card as the payment method.

Fill out the Gift Card ID in the gift card screen, then click <Process Payment>.

The new tab amount now appears under the student's Tab.

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