Go to [Settings] -> [Studio Settings] and click on the Marketing tab.

  1. Select Mailchimp in the Partner field.
  2. Enter your MailChimp API Key. (See video below)
  3. Click <Save>.
  4. Go to [Settings] -> [Branches] and select your default mailing list.

After the initial connection and selecting the default mailing list, new students added to Karmasoft will be added to your default mailing list. 

See it: Get your MailChimp API key and connect with Karmasoft  

Karmasoft is working on a feature to create segments and groups within the software. In the meantime, you have two options for segmenting clients for email marketing campaigns.

  1. Segment your default mailing list through MailChimp.
  2. Add clients to different MailChimp email lists based on the items they purchase. 

More details on Product setup here

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