Workshops are a great marketing tool for your studio.

Create and edit workshops with customized class packages all from the Workshop Listing tab.

  1. From your dashboard, click [Settings] in the top right corner.
  2. Click [Workshop Listing] from the drop-down menu. All of your workshops will appear in a list format. Search by branch, workshop name, or status. The status indicates whether the workshop is published, pending, or archived (see below).

3. To add a new workshop, click <+New> pictured above.

  • Fill in the appropriate details for your workshop. 
  • Public: Check the Public box if you want this workshop to be visible on your web page and publish portal.
  • Free: Will allow booking without the need to purchase a package.

Add text and images in the Description area, or click the <Source> button to add html code. To add an image, click the picture icon on the editor bar. 

From here, add your image source. That is, the web address where your image is hosted. You cannot upload files directly into the Karmasoft editor for Workshops, but you can upload your files onto any hosting site like Google Photos, Flickr, or Dropbox. Copy the image URL then paste into the Source field. You can also adjust the dimensions in the next tab. 

  • Then click <Save>.

Once the basic information for the workshop is saved, you can now create various packages and classes for the workshop. Note: in order to Publish your workshop, you have to create at least one class and one package

For a more detailed guide on creating workshop packages/classes, click here

4. Creating Class cards / Packages for your workshop.

  • Click on the Package tab, next to the description tab.
  • Click <+New>.
  • Create as many packages as you like. Packages/Class Cards created within a workshop for only valid for their associated workshop. 

5. Creating Classes/Lessons.

  • Click on the Classes tab, next to the Package tab.
  • Click the <+New> Button.
  • Create as many classes as you like. 

6. Once you have added a description, package(s) and lesson(s) you are ready to publish your workshop.

  • Click <Publish>. (If you do not publish your workshop it will be kept in pending for future editing) 

Once you publish the workshop you cannot make changes to the packages and lessons. You can only Enable or Disable them one at a time.

At the bottom of the page, the Workshop URL will now appear. Simply cut and paste this link onto your website, social media, or newsletters to link students directly to the workshop on your online store.

You can re-open and edit any published or pending workshops from  [Settings]-->[Workshop Listings]. 

You can search for and sell your workshop classes and packages just like another product, from your search bar on the Instant Sales panel:

Note: You do NOT have to create an additional session card from the Products screen.

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