The Instructor Portal is where teachers and front desk staff can access the Karmasoft main dashboard and live schedule. 

After login, the main dashboard and schedule will show options tailored to teachers. Note for Studio Directors: The permissions setting designed for teachers/staff is called Front Desk. To assign teacher permissions, see the Add Staff tutorial here

Instructor login
The studio director will send teachers/front desk staff an access link that looks like this:   

On the main dashboard, teachers with Front Desk permissions will have access to Student info (via the Students tab);
Gift cards, coupons, student plans and auto-pay cards (via the Assets tab);
Daily stats and expenses (via the Activities & Reports tab); and
Email templates, sales taxes and the in-studio sign up screen (via Settings).  

The schedule tab:
From your dashboard, click on the icon next to the studio logo to access the schedule.

This is where you can see a calendar-layout of all classes at the studio and instructors assigned to each class. You can filter the calendar by branch, class or instructor. You can also book students into a class, and request a sub. 

Find a sub for your class: 

  1. Click the <Sub> button under the class. Note: You'll only have this option for your assigned classes. Toggle between <Book/Sub> by clicking the arrow next to the button. 

2. Fill out the request form below, then click <Send>.

2. The request will be sent via email to the other instructors, with an added button marked "I am available". Note to Directors: to enable these request emails, check the Substitution emails box in [Studio Settings] ---> [Notifications].

3. When an instructor clicks <I am available>, the studio owner will receive an email and may click <confirm> to accept the sub.

After confirmation, an email will be sent to the confirmed instructor and studio owner. Then, Karmasoft will automatically update the public schedule.

Book a student into class:

You can also book students into class directly from the schedule page by clicking <Book> button. This will open a pop-up window prompting you to confirm. 

View Bios /Workshop / Schedule.
From the tabs on the top, you can access a detailed view of the studio's workshops and instructors. 

Access your Account Details:

Click your photo icon on the top right of your dashboard to access your account info including passwords, teaching history, scheduled classes, and expenses.  

Teachers: Ready to check-in your first class? Check out our complete tutorial here.

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