With Karmasoft batch import you can import files (CSV) from other software. You can do this yourself or with a little help from us -- depending on your Karmasoft package.

Either way, this service is always free regardless if you are converting from an excel spreadsheet or from a competitor's software.

What kind of data can I import to Karmasoft?

  • Students - Basic information about your client/student. download sample student file
  • Student Plans - Student/client active card or memberships. download sample student_plans file
  • Classes - List of the classes you offer. download sample classes file
  • Session Cards - The type of plans/packages you offer. download sample session cards file
  • Purchase Items - Your retail items. download sample purchase items file
  • Products - None Retail items such Towel Rental, Mat Rental & Gift Cards. Inventory is not tracked for these items. download sample products file
  • Gift Cards - List of open/pending gift cards. download sample gift cards file
  • Vendors - List of your suppliers. download sample vendors file

How to import files into Karmasoft -- If you have a Karmasoft package that accommodates more than 500 students:

From your dashboard, go to [Studio Settings] and click the [Batch Import] tab. Select your Target, then click <Select File> to attach items from your computer.
Click <Import>. 

How to import files into Karmasoft -- If you have a Karmasoft package that accommodates up to 500 students:

If you're using the basic package, then you won't see a Batch Import tab. Instead, fill out this Data Migration Google Form, complete with your data attached, and we'll do the import. 

If you're having trouble with this feature, please send us a comment at the end of this article. 

What if I'm not the D-I-Y type?

If you prefer, we can convert your data free of charge in 1–3 business days, no matter which plan you have.

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