The Vendors and Expenses sections provide a list of vendors and expenses that are used for Karmasoft reports.

Add, edit and view a list of your Vendors and Expenses in the [Vendors] and [Expenses] tabs, respectively.


  1. To add a new vendor or expense, click <+New> on the lower left.

2. Add appropriate information in the text fields.

3. Click <Save>.

A list of vendors or expenses will appear in the screen view. To edit, click the listing or the black arrow to the right of the listing. To delete a listing, click <Delete> to the left of the listing.

Connect a vendor to a specific product:
You can connect a vendor to a purchase item under your [Products] tab. 

Start from [Assets] on your dashboard navigation bar. Click [Products], and select a purchase item, i.e. a product that has an inventory. 

You'll see a drop-down field to choose your vendor. These will be the options you've added in the Vendor section (see above). Select your vendor then <Save>. 

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